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Welcome to my ringtones!

Here you will find a fine set of exclusive ringtones like you cannot find in most similar pages, because unlike most of the others, my tones are NOT rip-offs: each of them is a FRESH performance, and there's a LOT of original music here that you won't find anywhere else simply because I wrote and performed it myself.

If you're on a big desktop screen, you're probably wondering why these lines of text were hidden in the first place. I did so firstly because most people come to this site for the ringtones not to read some mumbo-jumbo. Secondly, I tried to make it as mobile friendly as possible, and this definitely means reducing the need for scrolling to find the content that actually matters to its minimal.

As you certainly have guessed already, the question mark means there's some information to be disclosed. To make your life easier, these blocks of text can be hidden back by a second click on the question mark.

The question mark near the download button of each ringtone opens a small pannel with a set of icons, its size in Kb and a little text that can either be about the ringtone itself or some curious facts related to the music that was used or served as inspiration for it.

What those icons mean

VERY POPULAR - most downloaded
POPULAR - lots of downloads
FAMOUS - cover, reference or reinterpretation
UNIQUE - my own composition, of course
MUSIC - with some melody
MOVIES - soundtrack or reference to a movie
VOICE - human voice singing or speaking
HAPPY - lightmooded and/or funny
ALARM - fit to be set as alarm
MILD - discrete,suited for social occasions and workplaces
SWEET - romantic and/or nostalgic
NOISY - to draw attention
ETHNIC - world music
FESTIVE - uptempo, seasonal... party time!

Well, that's it for now. Enjoy!